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What To Do If You Are Losing Your Job – Part III

In Part I and Part II I provided a “birds-eye view” of the common termination packages and focused in more detail on the Retiring Allowance (Severance Pay). In Part III, I would like to review pension options within the termination package.

Pension Related Options

Unlike a retiring allowance, you could be given […]

What To Do If You Are Losing Your Job – Part II

In Part I we discussed how to prepare for job loss and what to anticipate in your termination package. Today I would like to address the options your termination package typically includes.

Retiring Allowance (Severance Pay)

A retiring allowance is the amount you receive on or after retirement from your employer in […]

What To Do If You Are Losing Your Job – Part I

You’ve lost your job. This feeling is not easy. Even if you expected this, it still doesn’t feel comfortable. I, myself have been through this situation twice in my life. Even though my career took a positive turn after each of the lay-offs – thinking about them still makes me […]

GLC Market Commentary April 2016

So far in 2016 heightened volatility has been seen not only in equity markets, but also currency, fixed income and commodity markets as well. The quarter started with a significant equity sell-off that continued into February, at which point markets managed a strong rally to the end of the quarter. […]