Mackenzie Market Commentary – February 2021

Canadian equities outpaced most of their global peers for the second month in a row. Rising yields, an acceleration of the growth to value trade and booming energy prices all bode well for the S&P/TSX Composite Index. US and International stocks continued to advance, with the S&P 500 Index up [...]

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2020 All Star Awards

It is humbling and gratifying to receive awards in the financial industry. It is humbling because we do not practice in our craft to receive awards and recognition, we manage relationships with our clients so that there is enough money at a time when it is needed most, if someone [...]

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GLC Market Matters – November review

In early November, Pfizer and its German partner, BioNtech, released results of their ongoing trial for a COVID-19 vaccine, showing very positive early results of 90% efficacy rates. Shortly after, Moderna followed suit with similarly positive results from their COVID vaccine trial. In the midst of a second wave of [...]

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GLC Market Matters – Summary for October

Most equity markets weakened in October as U.S. election news and rising COVID-19 counts blanketed the airwaves alongside the season’s first snowfall blanketing lawns. In contrast, cannabis stocks were up. Yeah, I know… sometimes markets really do make sense! Investor sentiment moves from sanguine to somber to Halloween scary... To [...]

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GLC Market Commentary: Wake me up when September ends

September began with strong stock markets gains, hopes for a U.S. pandemic stimulus bill and the longawaited re-opening of many schools and businesses.September ended with stock losses, no stimulus bill, a COVID second wave, the loss of a U.S. Supreme Court icon and an election debate that had more school [...]

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GLC Market Matters. Summary for August 2020

Global equity markets have risen consistently all summer long, with U.S. equities continuing to shine as the bright star amongst peers. The S&P 500’s 7% monthly gain (with gains achieved on all but five days in August) speaks to the optimism of investors enthusiastically anticipating a V-shaped recovery. U.S. consumer [...]

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2020 Mid-Year Market Review by GLC

Exiting the March 23 bottom, equity markets bounced back sharply, posting one of the strongest and quickest recoveries in history. Why? How? As inconceivably bad as economic data was in April, the unprecedentedly large monetary and fiscal responsefrom world governments was even more overwhelming. The combined strength of a united [...]

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The great re-opening experiment has begun

Across the globe, nations inched closer to ending isolation measures (as long as we all agree to stay six feet apart) and plans to re-open economies were unmasked (but masks are recommended).While re-opening conditions varied greatly by region, the news was met with relief. After weeks of worrisome and sometimes [...]

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Markets rebound as focus turns to ‘new normal’ in a post-pandemic world

April offered strong gains for global equity and bond markets driven by fiscal and monetary stimulus and the apparent slowing of the spread of COVID-19. The S&P 500 led the global pack of stock markets roaring back in April with a near 13% gain, its best monthly performance since January [...]

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Canada Life Mortgage Rates May 2020

Not everybody knows that Canada Life provides residential mortgages with very competitive rates. At Lazar-Wealth Succession Strategies we have in-house access to these low rates and happy to help our customers with their mortgage needs and secured lines of credit. Complete mortgage rate table

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