Karl Smith
Karl SmithInvestment Advisor
Karl has a passion for helping clients realize their financial dreams. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, he has been a financial Service Manager, Investment Lending Specialist, Private Banker, Branch Manager and Financial Coach. Karl is a Certified Financial Planner and offers excellent and professional advice at the highest level to serve his clients best interest. Through continuous education and engaging all available resources, his clients receive the best recommendations, service and ongoing support to achieve their financial goals.

With strategic and effective methods, Karl has helped his clients’ make the most of their financial assets by growing their value in controlled risk and tax-efficient ways that protect them against catastrophic loss and a plan to pass their assets to the next generation. His attention to detail, commitment and integrity have gained him an excellent reputation with his clients and has made him a leader in his field.
Karl sees the opportunity to give of his experience to help support and empower communities in Canada. Since September 2006 to present Karl has been involved with YouthLink, Interval House and recently became a member of The Twilight Rotary Club of Scarborough.