1605, 2018

Pension or Commuted Value?

If you have a corporate defined benefit pension plan you might be facing a dilemma – should you agree to the company pension or should you take a commuted value? Not an easy choice! There is no single answer for everybody. It is very important to work with the numbers, incorporate your personal financial and […]

1105, 2018

GLC April Market Commentary

Market volatility persisted throughout April. The risk of a trade war between the US and China and escalating geopolitical tensions over the situation in Syria were counterbalanced by healthy company earnings growth and inflation levels that, while rising, are doing so gradually. Investors had lots to digest.

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1104, 2018

Return of Market Volatility

According to GLC Asset Management, the first quarter of 2018 marks return of market volatility. It was brought on largely by three key themes:

Trade talks
Monetary policy risks
Tech-related corporate controvercies

You can access the full analysis here.

604, 2018

The Globe and Mail: Save on Taxes, Insure your Kids

The Globe and Mail published a great article highlighting the advantages of life insurance. A very powerful strategy  that simplifies wealth transfer and helps avoiding paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and taxes. Please find the article HERE.

1303, 2018

London Life Lowered Mortgage Rates

Traditionally, being more than competitive with its mortgage rates, London Life Insurance Company lowered them even further. Please find the latest table of rates here

801, 2018

2017 Year In Review by GLC

Our fund manager GLC just issued the market review for 2017. It was an interesting and challenging year that yet again reworded those who stayed invested. Please find more information here.

1812, 2017

GLC November Market Commentary

Please find  here the market commentaries for November from our fund manager GLC.

3010, 2017

Fund Managers Pod Cast

*Q3 2017 – PSG Quarterly Update -Podcast (14:13)*  PSG’s focus is on building highly diversified portfolios to mitigate market volatility. Hear directly from Susan Spence

3010, 2017

GLC 3rd Quarter Market Commentary

Please find the latest market commentary from our Fund Managers here.

1207, 2017

Fund Manager’s Mid-Year Market Commentary

Our leading fund manager GLC posted its mid-year market commentary. In fact, the markets are exceeding expectations! To learn more about it please find the commentaries here.