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2018 Mid-Year Market Outlook

The world economy and financial markets continue to progress through the later stage of the business cycle. This is not the time to overreach with aggressive, growth cycle positioning in an attempt to squeeze out every last drop of the ‘risk-on’ trade, which can put years of rationed, prudent financial planning at [...]

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GLC Market Commentary

Come what May: A rise in Canadian stocks and bonds Investor sentiment shifted mid-month from risk-on to risk-off. This tempered very strong equity gains made earlier in the month, while giving a lift to bond prices as yields dropped. In Canada, this left the end of month results looking pretty darn good for both the [...]

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How to avoid 4 common mistakes investors are making right now

Our investment manager GLC points out that the late stages of market cycles are particularly difficult for investors to navigate. They share the market views and investment insights to help keep your investment plans (and focus) moving forward, and leave the mistakes in the rear-view mirror. Underestimating equity risks, ignoring [...]

How to avoid 4 common mistakes investors are making right now2022-12-08T18:49:12+00:00
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