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Unintended Consequences of ETF Investing

Attached is a very interesting article from one of our new international fund managers Mr. Morten Springborg. It was originally published in Danish in 2015 and now Mr. Morten has translated it into English. This article shows the unintended effects associated with ETF (or indexed) investing. The author is an [...]

Unintended Consequences of ETF Investing2022-12-08T18:49:11+00:00

Post-NAFTA world: The ABCs of USMCA

It is hard to find a business related magazine or a web site that did't publish a few words about the newly reached USMCA deal. The governments of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada still have to vote to approve it but many people want to know the details an possible [...]

Post-NAFTA world: The ABCs of USMCA2022-12-08T18:49:11+00:00
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