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Market Insights Series

Our partners from GLC Asset Management created a series of articles on three big market themes happening right now: Inverted Yeld Curve. Late in March, financial media lit up with word the yield curve had ‘inverted’. Market pundits hit the air to issue dire warnings for days ahead. So, what’s the big deal? [...]

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Canadian and U.S. stock markets hit all-time highs in April

Highlights The S&P/TSX Composite, S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices each hit all-time highs. Possible tighter sanctions on Iran and political chaos in Venezuela kept oil prices rising. Canadian and U.S. central banks held their overnight rate steady, while long-term bond yields ticked higher. Corporate earnings delivered better-than-expected results, supporting recent [...]

Canadian and U.S. stock markets hit all-time highs in April2019-05-09T22:19:38+00:00

GLC Market Highlights Q1

Stock markets capped off a stellar first quarter after a dismal end to 2018. In fact, every major global equity market is in positive territory so far in 2019. Fixed income markets also had strong quarterly performance. While equity markets tend to do well when investors are feeling optimistic about [...]

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