It is humbling and gratifying to receive awards in the financial industry. It is humbling because we do not practice in our craft to receive awards and recognition, we manage relationships with our clients so that there is enough money at a time when it is needed most, if someone dies, someone becomes disabled or critically ill and when someone retires. It is gratifying, because when we do complete our tasks properly and win the confidence of our clients, the company recognizes that as a job well done and that puts us in a leadership position among our peers.

This award is in recognition of this client – advisor relationship. Throughout the past year in 2020, I and my associates have made sure that our clients who may have suffered the most, endured the most or sacrificed the most, had our support everyday. Whether to take money from investments, claim on disability or critical illness policies, deal with a death in the family, suspend payments, refinance mortgages or borrow from insurance policies, we were happy to provide those services. As a result of that and with the support of our clients, we ended the year as GTA All Stars.

I would like to thank all the clients that are associated with Lazar-Wealth Succession Strategies Inc. either through me or through our associates for their continuing trust & confidence in our advice and counsel and to executing the plans necessary to meet their financial needs & goals.

Thank you and I look forward to our continued relationship in 2021.

Isaac Lazar, CFP,  EPC