Career Transition

We will help you deal with the worst financial fear – what to do (and what not to do) with your money when the regular pay stops coming.

Whether you received a letter of termination, went through a dismissal, became self-employed, or just feel ready to start using your pension – we know what to do.

We will work with your termination package, take into consideration employment insurance requirements, and help you deal with Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA) and other Canadian pension accounts.

In particular we can help you to:

  • Pick the right choices from your termination notice
  • Continue with health and dental benefits
  • Work with different types of savings and pension accounts (Regular Pension, RRSP, Ontario LIRA, LIF, Tax Free Savings Account etc.)
  • Find the right insurance for your new business
  • Make sure that your withdrawals do not conflict with Employment Insurance

We will work with your termination notice, create a financial plan, provide personalized advice on retirement living, and setup all necessary investment accounts. Unemployment or retirement is not the end in Canada – it is just a new beginning!

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