By Canada Life Investment Management | Jan. 5, 2023

Geopolitical risks, inflation and market volatility continue to raise the risk of recession. But overcast skies call for a coat, not staying indoors. To help you plan for what’s ahead, we’ve curated a diverse range of views and expertise from across the Canada Life™ shelf.

We’ve teamed up with some of the most sought-after investment managers from the industry to bring together a comprehensive collection of market insights. No single asset manager is an expert in every asset class. That’s why we use a multi-manager approach that draws on several management styles, asset class and regional expertise, investment philosophies and risk management styles. This broad range of input allows us to deliver a truly global perspective.

Steve Fiorelli, President and CEO, Canada Life Investment Management

Shifting consumer demand in response to cost of living increases and slowing economic growth will be focal points for the investment community this year. Our goal is to help you understand this market uncertainty, so you can prepare for the investment opportunities and challenges ahead.

Get the full forecast to help your clients make the most of tomorrow’s investment landscape:

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