Karl Smith, CFP®
Karl Smith, CFP®Financial Planner

Karl has a passion for helping clients realize their financial dreams. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, he has been a financial Service Manager, Investment Lending Specialist, Private Banker, Branch Manager and Financial Coach. Karl is a Certified Financial Planner and offers excellent and professional advice at the highest level to serve his clients best interest. Through continuous education and engaging all available resources, his clients receive the best recommendations, service and ongoing support to achieve their financial goals.

With strategic and effective methods, Karl has helped his clients’ make the most of their financial assets by growing their value in controlled risk and tax-efficient ways that protect them against catastrophic loss and a plan to pass their assets to the next generation. His attention to detail, commitment and integrity have gained him an excellent reputation with his clients and has made him a leader in his field.
Karl sees the opportunity to give of his experience to help support and empower communities in Canada. Since September 2006 to present Karl has been involved with YouthLink, Interval House and recently became a member of The Twilight Rotary Club of Scarborough.



Regina Coke & Sean Auterson

Karl has been instrumental in handling our finances over the past five years. His exemplary financial advice and management of our portfolio has made it possible to have our funds work for us.

Karl is always available to answer any questions that we may have. He is very easy to talk to and puts our mind at ease if we have any concerns. Karl is an amazing and caring individual who goes above and beyond to assist with anything big or small.

We wish we had met Karl much earlier but regardless we are extremely satisfied with his guidance over the years.

If there was a rating, we would rate Karl’s service as five star. Thank you Karl for all you have done for us financially. We look forward to many more years of financial growth with your assistance.

Lance McIntosh CPA,CA

I first met Karl almost 20 years ago when I was facing a seemingly intractable financial problem that involved obtaining a mortgage. Karl accepted the challenge and successfully guided me through the process and the bureaucracy surrounding my particular set of circumstances which, at the time, rendered a conventional approach to the matter unavailable.

Since that day and that experience, Karl continues to increase his level of involvement in the more important aspects of my financial affairs, including those aspects related to my five grandchildren.

I have always been impressed by his availability; his commitment to his clients; and, his willingness and ability to ‘find a way’ when others simply give up or give in to whatever challenges or roadblocks appear along the way. Those characteristics, plus his ever present smile and his focus on his role in understanding what his clients need and how he can best provide that for them, are why he retains a ‘top of the class’ rating from me.

I am very grateful for my association, and my relationship, with Karl. I hope and expect it to continue well into my retirement years [not too long from now].

He is what we call a ‘class act’.

Chipo & Patrick

Karl is detail oriented and patiently helped us identify and understand our saving priorities. He established a plan in pursuit of our ideal retirement needs. He regularly checks in with us to share status and progress, make recommendations or just see if we have any questions. Karl has has afforded us the opportunity to make our money work for us in a way we’d never have been able to do alone! We are so glad to work with him to ensure future financial security and recommend him highly to anyone looking to find the same for themselves!

Steve E.

Karl Smith has been handing my finances now for about 7 yrs now. One of the first things he said to me was “even if we don’t do any business together, I at least want to be able to teach you, so you can at bare minimum know what to look for going forward.” His willingness to teach people to help themselves was amazing. His exemplary financial advice and management of my portfolio has made it possible to have my funds work for me. Karl is an amazing and caring individual who goes above and beyond to assist with anything big or small. Karl is a person I recommend to any and everyone that is willing to listen to me. Karl is a true genuine human being which the world needs more of…