Sashia Veerman
Sashia VeermanCFP® Certified Financial Planner®, Financial Security Advisor & Investment Representative, Lazar Wealth Succession Strategies

Sashia provides her clients with a customized approach to managing their finances, rooted in creative tax-efficient wealth strategies and estate planning. Sashia takes great pleasure in investing the time necessary to understand who her clients truly are and their uniquely personal values and goals. This understanding enables her to enlist a perfectly tailored team of experts for each client, which in turn builds a level of trust with her clients upon which genuine, long-lasting relationships are formed.

Sashia began her career in business after attending the University of Toronto, she transitioned into the union insurance sector where her passion for working with individuals and their families began. She progressed into full financial planning with the active intent to create lasting financial security for her clients. Empowering them to live the lives they desire, free from financial uncertainty.
Tel: 905-480-0344 Cell: 905-741-1716

Emily Salverda
Professional Assistant for Sashia Veerman
Toll Free: 1-833-233-1394


Hayley Jane

Sashia has been so great in helping us with financial needs and budgeting. She is always available to help us with any question we have. She has been a real Rockstar with helping us with our present and future finances and everything else!

10/10 would reccomend to everybody!!


Joanne Wardrop

Sashia was great to work with. She was so helpful and available to go through everything when I needed help. I had a few questions and she went above and beyond to answer my questions and help me.

Angela Jekums Davis

Can’t say enough great things about Sashia! My husband and I are new to financial planning and Sashia took the extra time to make sure we understood all the terms and details along the way. She gave us advice and guidance tailored to our specific financial situation and generally made this a really pleasant experience. Thanks very much Sashia!

Jillian Tiller

I honestly dont know where I would be without Sashia’s help. she stepped up in a time of crisis when no one else would and helped me get a will put together and life insurance set up to make sure my kids are always taken care of. COVID-19 has been a real wake up call and having her do everything virtually was a life saver. 10 stars, HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Kimberly Babin

Highly recommend Sashia as a wonderful financial advisor.You immediately feel comfortable and secure with her on your side. She is able to share sound evidence-based financial advice which is easy to understand and make positive impactful choices with.

Kim Coulson

Sashia takes the time that you need to have all your questions answered. She is the whole package with her extensive experience, meticulousness and friendly personality! Thank you for all your help Sashia!