May 2022 market update – Canada Life Investment Management

Consumer prices continued to grow during the month but showed signs of slight easing. Both manufacturing and service sector activity slowed during the month, partly due to ongoing supply chain disruptions and lockdown restrictions in China. The Fed raised the target range of its federal funds rate by 50 basis [...]

May 2022 market update – Canada Life Investment Management2022-12-08T18:34:08-05:00

March 2022 market update: Rate increases begin – will Canadians cut spending?

The global economy was under pressure during the month of March amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict,supply chain disruptions and still-surging inflationary pressures. Global consumers were hindered byelevated consumer prices and economic risk. Oil prices rose over the month to reach, at one point, overUS$123/barrel, their highest level since 2008. Meanwhile, investors [...]

March 2022 market update: Rate increases begin – will Canadians cut spending?2022-12-08T18:34:17-05:00

January 2022 market update by Canada Life

The restrictions put in place to contain the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Omicron variant continued to weigh on global economic activity in January. The service sector experienced a significant decline. While economic activity slowed, inflation continued its march higher through the period, raising new questions about the stability of [...]

January 2022 market update by Canada Life2022-12-08T18:34:26-05:00

2022 Market Outlook – Canada Life Investment Management

COVID-19 was the main determinant of economic activity and the leading global story for 2020 and most of 2021. How economies around the world restart from the pandemic and thrive in a post-pandemic world will be the story that dominates the investment industry in 2022 and beyond. This is not [...]

2022 Market Outlook – Canada Life Investment Management2022-12-08T18:34:44-05:00

November 2021 Market Update

Economic activity in November was relatively strong, with gains in the manufacturing and service sector, while global supply chain issues, raw material shortages and rising inflation weighed on expectations. With the strengthening economy and high inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (“Fed”) announced that it would begin reducing its asset [...]

November 2021 Market Update2022-12-08T18:34:32-05:00

October 2021 market update

Economic activity during the month of October was hindered by global supply issues and the COVID-19Delta variant. Inflation remained elevated, prompting some global central banks to acknowledge higherinflation may persist into 2022. As reported in October, economic growth in the U.S. and China slowed inthe third quarter, while growth in [...]

October 2021 market update2022-12-08T18:34:52-05:00

July Market Update by Canada Life

Global economic conditions continued to improve in July, but a rise in cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant in some areas of the world raised concerns that another wave of the virus could derail the economic recovery. Global service sector activity expanded further during the month as ongoing re-openings led [...]

July Market Update by Canada Life2022-12-08T18:36:01-05:00

April 2021 market update

The global economic outlook improved in April, as vaccination efforts accelerated and a select number of countries began easing lockdown restrictions. The outlook in North America brightened following a flurry of new stimulus measures in Canada and the U.S. In Canada, the Federal Government unveiled its 2021-22 budget, including a [...]

April 2021 market update2022-12-08T18:41:38-05:00
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