Tara Downs


I was at a point in my life where my retirement was not too far in the future, so I decided to get a professional’s assistance. I did not think that the bank that “managed” my RRSPs was looking out as much for my benefit as their own. My principal [...]



We highly recommend you to anyone looking for an advisor for any lines of insurance or investments. You have a knack of explaining things in a “human” way so we totally understand what we have. You never talk above us.



I asked Tara for financial advice because I was nervous about being under prepared for the future. I was new to saving money and didn’t know how to start. I now have a place I can keep and save money for the future. She made me feel comfortable in a [...]



Tara was so incredibly attentive and knowledgeable with my questions. I was really blown away with the service she provided me! I plan to continue to do business with Tara for a long time in the future.


R & L

Thank you for looking after us! You have identified issues we did not know existed in our estate plans and made sure we were aware of them. We really feel like you have our backs and are taking care of us.

R & L2021-12-19T22:22:31-05:00

L & S

Tara helped us feel confident about financial planning. She provided us with the insight we needed to make smart decisions about our money and protect ourselves from potential taxation pitfalls. We now have greater security and financial literacy. We are impressed!

L & S2021-12-19T22:21:47-05:00


I wanted you to know how much I have appreciated all your hard work in exploring my finances. You have gone above and beyond my expectations! I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed our visits and how much I appreciate your help. I finally feel comfortable with [...]


Carolyn F

Thanks to Tara Downs PhD, Investment Representative from Quadrus Investment Services, my finances are on track to deliver the lifestyle that I want for my retirement. I have known Tara for four years and can’t recommend her service highly enough.  She has reordered our finances according to our needs and [...]

Carolyn F2021-12-19T22:20:22-05:00
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