I first met Karl almost 20 years ago when I was facing a seemingly intractable financial problem that involved obtaining a mortgage. Karl accepted the challenge and successfully guided me through the process and the bureaucracy surrounding my particular set of circumstances which, at the time, rendered a conventional approach to the matter unavailable.

Since that day and that experience, Karl continues to increase his level of involvement in the more important aspects of my financial affairs, including those aspects related to my five grandchildren.

I have always been impressed by his availability; his commitment to his clients; and, his willingness and ability to ‘find a way’ when others simply give up or give in to whatever challenges or roadblocks appear along the way. Those characteristics, plus his ever present smile and his focus on his role in understanding what his clients need and how he can best provide that for them, are why he retains a ‘top of the class’ rating from me.

I am very grateful for my association, and my relationship, with Karl. I hope and expect it to continue well into my retirement years [not too long from now].

He is what we call a ‘class act’.